Car Breakdown Insurance for When the Ice Cream is Melting

Car breakdown insurance is for those moments when the repair is such a challenge you aren’t even thinking straight. Imagine this: you’re on your way home after a long day of work, and you notice an odd tapping noise from the engine compartment. You have a “please pick up…” list from the family, so you stop at the store for interesting items such as hair ties, Barbie clothes, a cake mix and ice cream. That’s when you remember that your daughter is having a birthday party. Your mind is on sweet treats and matching disposable dinnerware as you climb into your vehicle and start down the road. The tapping noise becomes worse, then turns into a rumbling shudder. Just in time, you guide your vehicle to the shoulder as it gives one great thump and dies. The inane thought in your mind is, “Oh, no! The ice cream will melt!”

Insurance Agent to the Rescue

In such situations, it is wonderful to have someone you can call on for help. Most car breakdown coverage includes towing, and some policies even include loaner vehicles. A quick call to your car breakdown insurance agent soon has a towing truck dispatched to your location. Soon you, your vehicle and your grocery purchases are loaded up and headed toward help. Will it be in time to save the ice cream? Perhaps not, but it will get your vehicle off the road and to a certified mechanic who will be able to diagnose the problem. Breakdown coverage can help with major repairs, such as taking care of getting a new motor, without your whole budget going into meltdown.

Car Breakdown Insurance Coverage

Car breakdown insurance is not roadside service, although it often comes with a limited amount of roadside help. It is intended to help with large repairs that can cost almost as much as a good used car – those big ticket items such as a motor overhaul or replacement or rebuilding the transmission. The good news is that while it might not get you home before the ice cream melts, it does mean that if you spent your last dime on birthday party “fixin’s”, there will be a tow truck, and there will be repairs for your vehicle without having to mortgage the house or get one of those infamous payday loans.

Not as Expensive as You Might Think

Breakdown insurance is relatively inexpensive when compared to collision insurance or even liability. The big catch with it is that you need to take out the insurance before your warranty or extended warranty expires, and you do need to have a somewhat newer vehicle. Insurance companies like to place their bets on sure probabilities. They hope that you will pay premiums, not collect on your policy. They work with statistical probability which indicates about the time that a vehicle will start costing too much in upkeep to make it worthwhile to keep repairing it. Therefore, they do have an age and mileage cutoff for when your vehicle will qualify for breakdown insurance. So, it isn’t about the cost so much as it is about the timing.

Is Breakdown Insurance Worth the Premiums?

It certainly is worth paying the premiums to get breakdown insurance. Even with the restrictions and the deductibles, engine or transmission repairs can run into thousands rather than hundreds for repair costs. Having an insurance policy that will pick up most of the cost can be the difference between repairing and replacing a favorite car or truck. Your breakdown policy can be a true budget saver – it might even save the ice cream.